“I would like to sincerely thank Mr Terence O’Sullivan of TJOS Solicitors for his support, expertise and professionalism throughout a very stressful time in my life. From the beginning I felt in very good hands! Terence understood my situation fully and made me feel that I can fully trust him and the process that was lying ahead, making a difficult situation much more tolerable. He handled the case brilliantly – his advice and legal guidance ensured a highly satisfactory conclusion on my behalf which ultimately helped me to find a meaningful ending to a very unpleasant situation. Many thanks again for everything! I have no reservation in highly recommending TJOS Solicitors to anyone seeking an expert in employment law and would definitely use their services again in the future..”

Sheila, Private Client*, November 2021

“I engaged with Terence O’Sullivan of TJOS on a personal injury case.  Throughout the process, the support, guidance, care and attention was first class, it’s the difference between a lawyer and a good lawyer.   I had a really difficult time after my accident

“In working with TJOS Solicitors, I found them to be very professional and a pleasure to deal with. Their advice was very helpful to me. “Many thanks for your excellent work on my behalf. You were so thorough, fair and transparent. I shall always say: “I had the best possible solicitor”.
I would highly recommend anyone that has any sort of employment issue to go with TJOS Solicitors.”

Roger, Private Client*, December 2020

“I engaged with Terence O’Sullivan of TJOS on a personal injury case.  Throughout the process, the support, guidance, care and attention was first class, it’s the difference between a lawyer and a good lawyer.   I had a really difficult time after my accident and Terence helped me through it all. The service was excellent and I was kept informed at every stage, even on the small things, on how my case was progressing.   It took the overthinking, worry and hassle away from me so I could concentrate on my healing and my family.

I can only highly recommend Terence O’Sullivan and appreciate all his hard work.

Tina Coy, Managing Director, CSC Partners Recruitment Ltd, May 2020.”

“Whilst I engaged Terry for legal services which were second to none, it’s the very humane approach that Terry took which really made the difference to the impact TJOS solicitors made on my life, bringing back belief in myself and introducing me to others who had similar experiences as mine.

Noella Carroll, MD of Pinnaklo, Finance & Business Consultant, May 2019”


Now that our clients have resolved their differences, I wanted to thank you for your co-operation. Tension had risen to the extent that this could have gone horribly wrong for both sides. I think that between us we managed to get the best outcome for our respective clients without either of us compromising our position.

Unfortunately, more and more, I find that some of our colleagues feel it necessary to be belligerent rather than being constructive in resolving the issues. It was a pleasure dealing with you.

All the best

John*, solicitor for other party”

“I was very satisfied with the service provided by TJOS Solicitors.

From the first moment I have met both of you, I’ve felt that my case was in safe hands. I received accurate information and a clear picture regarding my options. I was updated every step of the way.

With your help I’ve achieved everything I’ve hoped for and more.

I can only recommend this highly professional and efficient team.


After thirty-four years of employment TJOS Solicitors helped me with my redundancy package and gave me the advice and support I needed, when I needed it.

Afterwards, Terence and Eadaoin helped clear up some other matters, particularly the drafting of my will. At all times I felt I was in safe hands and I am happy to recommend them to anyone.

Ben* private client, May 2018

What can I say about Terence and Eadaoin? Nothing less that “brilliant”.

For anyone who is reading this right now, it’s likely that you have been considering attaining legal advice and assistance with regards to a work-related issue. If you are at that stage already, my advice would be to go ahead and get that assistance. The longer you delay it, the more stressful it will be for you.

Unfortunately, when you end up in a situation where a manager or other superior is not treating you as a human being should be treated, and you file a grievance against then, it will often-times not go your way. Remember, there is no “human” in Human Resources. They are there to protect the company, first and foremost, and the employee will likely lose any grievance they file.

That’s where Terence and Eadaoin come into the picture. From the start, they were open and honest about the process and what my chances were of coming out on the winning side. They gave me invaluable advice as far as how to handle the grievance process that I was part of, and what my options were going forward. They never tried to push me into making any decisions as far as if I should follow this all the way through to court, and were genuinely concerned for me and my health throughout. These situations can be incredibly stressful, and even the strongest person will have difficulty coping.

By following their advice, throughout the process, I never put myself in a situation where I did or said something that would come back to bite me, and eventually I left that horribly mismanaged company for a better one. I don’t believe that I would have been able to make that leap without some stellar advice from these guys.

So, a big “Thank You” to Terence and Eadaoin. I couldn’t recommend these guys enough!

Connor* private client, February 2018

I would like to express my sincere and heartfelt appreciation and gratitude to Terence and all his team for their professional and competent services in dealing with my case. It was a stressful situation where I was bringing a case against my previous employer. From the outset Terence and his team listened thoroughly, understood the situation and clearly outlined the steps and my options to bring the issues to a resolution.  From our first meeting I had 100% confidence that Terence and his team were right the solicitors to deal with my problem. Terence was thorough, fair, and transparent  throughout and particularly when representing my case at the WRC. This led to a successful outcome and established justice for which I will always be grateful. I would highly recommend Terence J O Sullivan Solicitors for their excellent work, professionalism kindness and understanding particularly in relation to employment law issues.

Grainne*, December 2017

“I was referred to Terence when I encountered an issue at work. Once I made contact with Terence I was made to feel completely at ease and found him to be both easy and professional to deal with. He listened to me intently as I told him about the issue I had encountered.  He took all the details and worked on all the facts given to him.  I met with Terence on a number of occasions in relation to my issue and he provided me with excellent advice on how to handle my situation and how best to bring about a resolution. When I first met Terence I was completely stressed and very worried about the outcome regarding my issue. He immediately set about allaying my concerns and putting my mind at ease.  As a result of Terence’s assistance I had a successful outcome to my problem. Thank you Terence you are an outstanding professional who I would highly recommend.”

*Aoife, Nov 2017

“We use the services of Terence J O’Sullivan Solicitors to assist us with the legal side of the Human Resources function in our organisation. Terence’s company differs from other legal practices in that he gives his personal attention at all times; the practice is robust and very knowledgeable and practical in their approach to all aspects of the interface between legal and HR functions; they are results focused and give us real value at all times. I would not hesitate to recommend Terence and his practice to others for HR legal support.”

Chris Mee, Chris Mee Group, October 2017

“We have been fortunate to work with TJOS for over 3 years and their support has been invaluable in ensuring our team are fully up to date and knowledgeable regarding all aspects of Irish ER legislation. Their expertise, coupled with a professional and friendly manner, has made working with TJOS a pleasure. Thank you to Terence and all the team.”

AdviserPlus Business Solutions, June 2017

“Although I am a professional, employment law is not an area I would be familiar with. First thing Terence done was get me to relax, this enabled me to speak about my issue freely with him. He then went through my individual circumstances based on what I had told him. Then he put in simple terms the options available to me  and what would happen in each option that he spoke about. I also liked that he was also upfront about the potential costs so I would not have a big shock down the line. 

I am glad to say thanks to him, my issue was sorted and I was delighted that I met him.

I would have no hesitation in recommending him [Terence] to anyone as the personal service of his practice and the ability to reach him with some follow up issues was a key factor in going to him in the first place.”

Harry, Private Client* July 2017

“I would have no hesitation in recommending Terence O’ Sullivan Solicitors. They’re professional and the expertise they showed me in a difficult situation was astounding” 

Sarah, Private Client* June 2017

“I was in a tough situation in my company due to stress & anxiety at work. I’m not Irish so I needed help to understand my rights and options. TJOS helped me to find a legal way out of that problem”.

Josh, Private Client* March 2017

“I would like to express my appreciation to Terence O’Sullivan and his team for their professionalism, sound advice and approachability. Sometimes, to go to a solicitor can be a bit daunting but I found the advice reassuring and most helpful. It took the stress out of a very difficult situation. Thank you sincerely”.

Simon, Private Client* December 2016

After discussing my case with a few solicitors, I selected Terence’s firm to represent my case.  Immediately I knew that Terence’s firm was the perfect choice for me. The case was long and stressful, but having Terence and his team on my side instilled me with great confidence. This got me through my court case with a result that I was happy with. Terence and his team delivered an exemplary service. They are professional, patient, knowledgeable, meticulous and most importantly a trustworthy team. I would have no hesitation in recommending Terence J. O’Sullivan Solicitors for their professional services.

My Sincere thanks to you and your great team“.

Olivia, Private Client* November 2016

“I would like to thank yourself and your team for all  your hard work during my recent High Court case. Your professionalism and that of your team was great, it helped me through a stressful experience and made the situation more manageable. I appreciate the excellent legal service both yourself  and your team have provided in order to bring things to a successful conclusion – so thanks again”.

Adam, Private Client* September 2016

“I recently found myself in a very stressful Employment situation that severely impacted my finances. As a mum providing for my child it was imperative the situation could be resolved swiftly. I made one phone call to Terence J. O’Sullivan solicitors seeking advice on the matter. Within minutes of speaking with Terence over the phone I had every confidence he was the right person to deal with my problem. It was the best call I made and lifted a weight of worry from my shoulders. My trust in him was further cemented when I met with him, and he did not let me down at any step along the way. Terence is very thorough while also empathetic and he made the process clear and easy to understand from start to finish. After just one meeting, a few emails and phone calls my case was resolved in no time at all. He always kept me up to date on the progress of the case and returned any phone calls the same day. I cannot recommend Terence J. O’Sullivan (TJOS) Solicitors highly enough for anyone needing a solicitor”.

Louise, Private Client* June 2016

“I engaged Terence J O’Sullivan solicitors in relation to an employment matter.  This was an incredibly stressful time personally but from the very first contact, Terence and his team were extremely helpful & sympathetic.  The professional manner in which they handled the issue gave me great comfort and I honestly felt that I had someone on my side. 

Due in no small part to the diligence and expertise of Terence and his team, the issue was brought to a successful resolution.  I would highly recommend Terence J O’Sullivan Solicitors and would once again like to express my sincere gratitude.”

Jack, Private Client* June 2016

“I am delighted to have engaged the professional employment services of Terence J O’Sullivan Solicitors last year, to ensure compliance with all employment regulations during the hiring process. As employment law is an ever-changing environment, it is great to deal with the experts at TJOS to ensure all fair steps were taken for employee and employer”.


Mike, Arvo Cost Management

“I would like to extend my sincerest appreciation to Terence and his team for their assistance in my case against my previous employer. In a very stressful and upsetting time, I was in need of advice and legal guidance, Terence and his team acted professionally and efficiently. From the initial meeting, he understood my situation, clearly outlined the road ahead and he and his team were by my side when needed. He acted with compassion and always had my best interest at heart and gave me the support I needed. When I was referred to TJOS originally, I was told that he would be a ‘safe pair of hands’ and they were right. I encourage others with employment issues to continue to strive for what’s right and not be dissuaded as legal fees can be an issue, however, when you know you have a legal case that has merit, and you have a strong team behind you, it gives you confidence to do the right thing and that’s exactly what happened to me. I got a better outcome than what I expected at the WRC, and to be finally believed and vindicated on the day was like winning the lottery, I am forever grateful and look forward to getting on with my life with my head held high.”

Jean, Private Client* April 2016


“I was the subject of bullying in the workplace of which the ultimate act is that nobody sees it – it is only the players that control it. I was referred to Terence of TJOS Solicitors who guided and supported me, negotiated favourably on my behalf and ultimately gave me the courage to walk away with my head held high. This I will be forever grateful to TJOS solicitors and would highly recommend them for their enduring professionalism, unrelenting tenacity and complete courteousness.”

Laura, Private Client* April 2016

“I had cause to use the services of Terence O”Sullivan and his team when I was fighting an unfair dismissal case with my ex- employer of nearly 4 Years. Terence and his team were superb from start to finish and very Professional.  From the outset Terence was very transparent regarding his costs and he put my mind at rest in what was a very stressful 20 Months, whilst the case was ongoing. I am delighted that I used Terence and his team and even more pleased I had a very nice settlement on my case, again thanks to Terence and his team. I would recommend his services to anyone.”

Roger, Private Client* March 2016

“I recently had to engage the services of Terence J O’Sullivan with an issue regarding a former employer. From my initial call right through the process, I received the very best attention and care from Terence and his team. I was given reliable and expert advice in a simplified and concise manner. My particular issue were dealt swiftly and compassionately and with their attention to detail, I felt in safe hands all of which resulted in a satisfactory resolution. Terence and his staff were available to me throughout and I can only highly recommend what they do when you are looking into a situation where you feel you have no control”.

Lorraine, Private Client*

“I initially contacted Terence because I was unsure about the legality of my dismissal. I was quickly reassured that I was right to be concerned. The process was outlined and Terence managed the whole process from beginning to end while being conscious of the effect of the stressful situation I was in and the costs associated. Terence made the process as stress free as possible, included me where necessary and finalised the issue as seamlessly as possible. He made a bad situation as positive as it could be”.

Alan, Private Client*

“I would like to sincerely thank you for all your professional advice and guidance over the past few years and during my recent High Court case – your professional support, dedication and integrity has made a difficult and stressful situation easier to cope with. I will be forever grateful for all you have done.”

Joseph, Private Client*

“I would like to thank you and your team for the way you personally and professionally handled my case. At times during the process it got very stressful to me and my family and knowing that you were looking after this went along way in helping me cope. I would be delighted to refer you to any family and friends who may need your services in times to come. Thanks again and please pass on my appreciation to your team.”


Stephen, Private Client*

“Just a note to thank you for your assistance in relation to the issues that we had recently . It was great to work with a legal firm that utilises technology so well and your upfront costs approach made the whole process very transparent.”

Mark, Commercial Director, PermaNET Limited


“I engaged with Terence and his team in 2013, due to a prolonged and sensitive issue I was personally experiencing with my boss and co workers. Terence was a thorough professional, he handled the case very sensitively, empathically and proved to be a tremendous support. I would have no hesitation in recommending Terence and wish him and his team every success.”

Michael, Private Client*

“The on-going help, advice, sympathy and support we received from Terence was invaluable to us during a tremendously traumatic time for us both.


Words can hardly express the gratitude which my fiancée and I will always feel towards Terence for his assistance – it went well beyond that we would have expected of a conscientious professional. Terence’s office staff, too, was always most courteous, kind, prompt and helpful towards us both.”

Tim, Private Client*

I contacted Terence J O’Sullivan when I suspected that I was being managed out of my position by me ex employer. I gave Terence the facts and expressed my concerns and he confirmed my worries. From that point on Terence was professional, clear and honest – offering excellent advise and coaching.

I was coached through the whole experience – he was never further than a phone call away – He was very honest and sympathetic and always told be what to expect throughout the Grievance Process that I initiated on upon his recommendation. It was quite a lengthy process – but with his expert advise the outcome was to my benefit.

Not only was Terence an excellent support and advice giver   – he was 100% honest with me in regard to not only what to expect – but also in regard to his fees.

Excellent service and support – If I ever found myself in need of an employment law solicitor – there would be no other option for me than to contact Terence. J .O’Sullivan Solicitors.

Charlotte, Private Client*


“We recently retained Terence J. O’Sullivan Solicitors for several Employment Law issues. Reliable and expert advice was given to is in a simplified and concise manner. The particular issues were dealt with promptly and that facilitated swift and successful resolution of each issue. Terence and his staff were at all times contactable and we were extremely satisfied with the professional service given to us. We would have no hesitation in recommending Terence J. O’Sullivan Solicitors.”

John, Financial Controller, Conversation Piece Limited


“I would like to sincerely thank Terence J O’Sullivan Solicitors, for the expertise, advice and support, in helping me through a very difficult situation due to bullying at work.

 Your kindness and understanding, along with clearly explaining each step and providing guidance, was invaluable, and much appreciated. I am truly grateful for the time and thought, and professional service that you provided. It was a huge relief to be able to put the situation behind me.”

Alice, Private Client*

“It is with heart-felt thanks that I write this card. I just wanted to let you know that your professional advice, guidance and support during my recent High Court case and over the past years was invaluable and very much appreciated. Your professionalism and kindness will not be forgotten. Many thanks again”

Geraldine, Private Client*

“The on-going help, advice, sympathy and support we received from Terence was invaluable to us during a tremendously traumatic time for us both and, after settling my legal fees, that help continued.

Words can hardly express the gratitude which we will always feel towards Terence for his assistance – it went well beyond what we would have expected of a conscientious professional. 


Terence’s office staff, too, was always most courteous, kind, prompt and helpful towards us both.

I hope that this testimonial may prove useful in guiding towards that legal practice others who need the kind of honest, consistent, honourable, reliable and compassionate assistance we needed, and got.”


Robert, Private Client*

“I have been a client of Terence O’Sullivan for a number of years.

I have found Mr. O’Sullivan to be a most reliable, informative and approachable person to deal with at all times.I would highly recommend Terence O’Sullivan as an efficient, competent and caring solicitor.”

Ann, Private Client*


“In December of 2008, I found myself in need of urgent and expert legal advice. Though I am an American citizen, a quick internet search produced a short list of solicitors in Cork. Just two days before Christmas Mr. O’Sullivan was the only solicitor willing to listen to my story, read my emails and offer very sound advice to a distraught foreigner.

Thank you for not forgetting that solicitors represent real people with real concerns.

Thank you for your grace of character- which treats everyone with respect, regardless of the label placed on them.”

Emma, Private Client*

“I am writing to you to express my deep appreciation for your professional advice and support which you gave to me when I contacted you with regards to me being bullied at work. You may never know the release I got when you demonstrated your ability to identify my problem immediately and your positive reaction that there was a legal recourse open to me.

The manner in which my claim for compensation for bullying at work was brought to a swift and comprehensive conclusion enabled me to put that horrid period of my life behind me and to move on. I thank you sincerely for that.

I must commend you and your staff for the professional manner in which you dealt with my circumstances and me at all times.

Again a sincere thank you.”

John, Private Client*

“I wish to say thank you for the time and trouble, the advice and the patience that you’ve shown me over the past 30 months since we first met and you agreed to take this case.

Due to the circumstances of my position I found it most refreshing to observe, that you, despite the deep complexity of the case, believed what I had to say and that you fully understood the position very quickly. The questions you asked were put to me in a sympathetic and professional manner and the advice you have offered has been on the ball.

A final mention to you about your staff. I feel that they fully reflect the professionalism (there’s that word again!) that you have displayed throughout our business relationship. You are indeed lucky to have them.”

Peter, Private Client*

“We have been clients of Terence J.O’Sullivan Solicitors for a period of 20 years. On our behalf they have taken on cases of road traffic accident, default of payment and conveyancing. We have always found Terence to be highly motivated, totally professional, practical and friendly in his approach, and this is also evident in his excellent team. We would have no hesitation in recommending Terence and his team to any client that might need to avail of his comprehensive list of services available.”

Robert and Joan, Private Clients*

“I have availed of Terence J. O’Sullivan Solicitors numerous times now and I have found them to be extremely helpful on all occasions. I found the service and advice given of a very high standard and will use them again in the future.”

Thomas, Private Client*

“Terence and his associates were everything I needed, and a lot of what I didn’t know I needed, at a very stressful time in my life. Throughout my case I felt reassured as, whenever I needed a question answered or something explained, I was received with patience, kindness and a professional response. Terence understood where I was coming from and never let me get stressed or worried by always keeping me up-to-date on my case and encouraging questions and giving clarification.

I will be forever grateful to Terence for his work on my case and his guidance throughout; I couldn’t have asked for more, and I would consult him again if I ever found myself needing to.”

Veronica, Private Client*

*Not the real names of our clients for privacy and confidentiality purposes. The quotes are actual extracts from letters of Testimonial provided by former and existing clients.