The Workplace Relations Commission (WRC) recently published a useful guide for employers regarding workplace inspections by the WRC to establish if the employer is acting in compliance with Employment Law.

Included in the guidance is a checklist for employers of what documentation they need to keep in their workplace, such as employment permits, records of the hours of work for each employee and written terms of employment for each employee, usually known as a Contract of Employment. Many employers can fall down on these requirements or the employment documentation they do have may not be up to scratch. This can put employers at risk of being sued by their staff or prosecuted by the WRC for failure to adhere to Irish Employment Law, which is a cost that no business wishes to incur!

If you are concerned that your business may not be minimally compliant with Employment Law or if you would like to ensure that your employment documentation is fit for inspection then contact us.

To read more on the WRC’s guidance for workplace inspections:-