Unless you have been living under a rock for the last few weeks, you have most likely heard of Pokémon Go, the hugely successful app in which players can try and catch Pokémon while going about their normal day.

However, the success of the app has raised some interesting Employment Law issues. The Aircraft manufacturer, Boeing, recently had to issue an email to their staff banning them from playing Pokémon Go after it was discovered that the app had been downloaded on over 100 work phones.

While employers may have a disciplinary procedure and grievance policy, many employers may not have thought to have implemented an internet and email policy. This is particularly important where the employer may provide work laptops or phones to staff so as to carry out their work duties. Even if an employer does have an internet and email policy, it may be significantly out of date as no reference may be made to the use of apps during working hours.

If an employer does not have properly drafted policies on the use of internet, email and apps during working hours, and if an employee engages in inappropriate activity during working hours (such as excessive playing of Pokémon Go), then the employer may face the risk of an unfair dismissal claim if they dismiss employees for such activity as they had no clear guidelines which prohibited such activity.

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