In late January 2016, the High Court approved a settlement of €500,000 for the death of a husband at work.


Mr. Declan Byrne was employed by CDM Steel Limited and April 2008 was involved in the construction of a gym at the Connacht Sportsground in Galway. On the 30th April 2008, Mr. Byrne advised a colleague that he was going to fix a 1.4 tonne steel beam, which had been misaligned. However, while removing the last of the six bolts which were keeping the beam in place, the beam fell on Mr. Byrne and caused him to suffer fatal injuries.

A subsequent investigation into the matter lead to claims being brought against the late Mr. Byrne’s employer under the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005. Although the company were acquitted of the charges, Mr. Justice Rory McCabe criticised the company for failing to have a construction supervisor on site and for an “appalling lack of communication”.

Mr. Byrne’s widow, Dolores Byrne, subsequently brought a High Court action against Mr. Byrne’s employer, CDM Steel Limited, and three other defendants for the death of her husband at work.

Before the hearing took place, the parties settled the matter for €500,000 which was later approved by Mr Justice Kevin Cross who noted to Mr. Byrne’s widow that “nothing can replace what you have lost” before approving the settlement of compensation for the death of a husband at work.


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