As we are now coming into the summer period, many employees will be considering what holidays they will take. However, there can be confusion as to whether employers can determine when employees can take their annual leave, particularly in periods where the business may be very busy and need all their staff to be available.

Although employers are allowed to determine when their staff can take annual leave there are certain caveats on this entitlement. One of these caveats is that the employer must take into account the employees’ need for a work-family life balance and that the employee is given an opportunity for rest and reconciliation. Another caveat is that employers must allow their staff to take their annual leave entitlements within the leave year, which can be extended provided the employee agrees to the extension.

Employers should be careful of their employees’ annual obligations as if they fall foul then they run the risk of their staff making complaints to the Workplace Relations Commission and facing the possibility of paying compensation out of the business’ profits.

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